Even though surgery is a common treatment option for cancer, it can be a very daunting and frightening prospect. As well as recovering physically from the operation and dealing with pain, physical restrictions and discomfort, you may have to deal with psychological issues a a result. These can vary depending on the type of cancer. Surgery can create serious body issues and change the way you feel about your body.

You may develop a fear of disfigurement and start to believe that your partner no longer finds you attractive, or you may decide that you cannot let anyone see you naked again. You may begin to hate your body and how you look after surgery, which can lead to other issues. Life can become quite unbearable.

Thankfully using psychotherapeutic techniques such as hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Brain Working Recursive Therapy, I can help you to resolve these issues quickly. As a result, you can begin to feel good about yourself again and adjust to these changes. You deserve to enjoy your life after a cancer battle, not to suffer as a result of what you’ve been through. It is possible to get back to your old self quickly and get on with your life.