Families and Loved Ones

families and loved ones



Often the cancer journey can be a greater emotional challenge for the carers of the cancer patient than for the patient themselves. Watching someone you love go through a protracted illness and treatment when you can do nothing to help them can bring about feelings of helplessness and desolation. You’re almost certainly afraid of losing them.

Whilst it is important to offer whatever support is necessary to your family member or loved one, looking after your own well-being is just as essential. It’s easy to forget about your own health and wellbeing if you’re unexpectedly thrust into a caring role. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so make sure you follow the fundamentals of good health:

*Drink at least 2 litres of pure water daily

*Eat at least 3 healthy and nutritious meals per day

*Get at least 6-8 hours sleep per night

*Move your body every day, even it’s just for 30 minutes but do something physical such as walking, swimming or going to the gym

*Reduce or remove alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and any other stimulants

*Take regular time away from the situation to recharge your batteries

*Regularly use whatever stress-management techniques appeal to you –

*Breathing exercises


*Positive guided visualisation

*Mindfulness (adult colouring-in books are a good way to be mindful)

Taking care of yourself on a daily basis in this way will not only help you to cope better with the stress of your loved one’s treatment, it will help them too. You will bring a calmer and more positive energy to the relationship when you take care of yourself. Plus you’ll have some interesting gossip to share from all the people you met when you were out walking, swimming or at the gym!

How Can I Help?

I can help you to reduce your stress and your fears using hypnotherapy, EFT, BWRT or NLP. These techniques will add more quality to the time you spend with your loved one and will stop you having to suppress your feelings of helplessness.