Shock, despair, depression



“What???? I wasn’t expecting that!”


Everyone reacts differently to receiving a diagnosis of cancer, especially if you’ve felt well and not had many symptoms. It’s probably one of the scariest pieces of news a person will hear in their lives.


You’ll probably have experienced tunnel vision and your memory of the day you were diagnosed will be hazy. Some of my clients have told me:


“I was in shock, the room went black.”

“I could see the doctor speaking but I had no idea what he was saying.”


Processing and accepting this information takes time. What lies ahead? What treatment will be proposed? It’s completely understandable to be scared. You will have probably experienced the full range of emotions since your diagnosis. Then begins the journey of emotionally coming to terms with the treatment that lies ahead.


You may have excellent support from your family and friends. But often the people around you may not be able to deal with certain issues that arise from your treatment. You may feel more comfortable speaking to a professional who has had a wide range of experience in helping cancer patients. You might not want to worry those that are close to you.


How can I help?


You may have developed fears and anxiety due to certain aspects of the treatment. You might have physically recovered but experience panic and insomnia in the period leading up to your scan. Loss of confidence could have crept in after discharge from hospital, and you might have started to avoid situations that you used to enjoy.


Using proven, rapid-change, long-lasting techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique, Brain Working Recursive Therapy and hypnotherapy, I can help you to quickly identify and resolve your emotional issues and develop coping strategies which you can effectively use throughout your treatment and during recovery.