Are you in the active treatment phase of cancer treatment?


After the initial diagnosis you will suddenly be inundated with a variety of appointments for different departments and treatments. It is a confusing and frightening time. Keeping informed is essential to understanding what is going on and why certain things are happening.


Many people are fearful of receiving active treatments for a variety of reasons listed below, these are understandable and can be supported by receiving clear information and opportunities to discuss your feelings.


If you need to have chemotherapy, you are probably worried about the side effects and how this will impact on your daily life. Common physical symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, weight gain and also weight loss. Changes to your appearance can be extremely upsetting and a constant reminder of the illness. Other side effects include feeling nauseous and being or feeling sick, an upset stomach and diarrhoea (this is because the medicines used can’t distinguish between cancer cells and the normal cells).


How can I help?


Living with the side effects can be challenging. You might become fearful of needles (the medication is often directly injected into the vein). Receiving therapy (hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Brain Working Recursive Therapy) can help you to avoid panicking and getting distressed before the treatment and minimise your recovery period after the treatment. It can also be effective in helping you to cope with pain as a result of the treatment.